Take on the world of business with a data-driven approach. Business intelligence tools, like those in the Salesforce cloud, means there’s never been a better time to access statistics and use data modeling to develop new business insights. Blending technology and business gives companies the edge they need to stay ahead of the competition.

NPWR looks at your operations and processes first, to identify a data-centric solution that is right for your business, regardless of any platform or cloud.

Data Quality

Trust the value of data knowing that your organization’s data is clean, accurate and actionable. View your business’ performance clearly, with confidence in the accuracy of your reporting.

Data Analysis and Activation

Activate your true competitive advantage: your business insights. NPWR works with your company to identify the most important data, optimize through system organization, keep it accurate and clean, and finding the best way to use it to activate your business.

Artificial Intelligence and Einstein

Predictive modeling analyzes data about a business’s past performance to predict how it will perform in the future and make business decisions accordingly. Harness the power of machine learning with Salesforce tools, like Einstein, to activate insights in your data.

Just starting out in the data centric world? NPWR works with stakeholders, developing a phased program to ensure quick wins, while empowering a fully engaged data strategy.

See what you can unlock today.