Value Creation Through Engagement

Technology solutions of today have changed the landscape in consumer expectations.

Incredible is the new normal as companies embrace a guiding role, empowering client led journeys and decisions.

Our approach drives intimacy, accountability and trusted relationships between client and customer.

Creating value-add engagements allowing for authentic, functional, actionable relationships between businesses and their clients.

NPWR's focus is to align the organizations focus and resources around the client experience.

Client Engagement Model

Technology Enabler

In a quest for progress through discovery and disruptive innovation, technology is the enabler. When it comes to approaching needs in the space, NPWR believes in the power of “YES.” Try anything. Test everything.



Connect to the Salesforce platform with a focus on improving the client and end user experience. The more effective the effort the better the visibility to the client. We look for every touch point to enable insights to make better decisions.


Integrate with your existing or new 3rd party software to seamlessly enhance the way your clients engage with your business. Add value at every step of the journey.

Strategy and Roadmap Services

Know what the future holds. Get scalable solutions that have immediate impacts on the business today while growing toward a sustainable solution.


Marketing Activation

Empower the customer to own the brand through experience. Loyalty is earned through nurture, education and genuine engagement. Marketing programs are built to listen to client behavior, feedback and actions to predict connection opportunities that build intimate relationships.

Strategy and Ideation

Activate your business with the right solution to engage your core operations. Build lifetime value and better engagement with a differentiating, innovative concept to set your business from the competition.

Customer Engagement

Companies need to engage with their clients when, where and how clients want. Be it email, social, SMS, or a custom community, build a relationship with your clients on a one-to-one, personalized and relevant basis.


Create a platform built for scalable growth in your client base. Set your business with optimized funnels and added-value processes and fill the pipeline with the right people at the right time.

Business Process Optimization

Always forward thinking, an agile approach ensures that processes perform at peak levels. Frontier thinking pushes the boundaries for effective and efficient processes, with scalable and adaptable solutions in mind.


Process Optimization

Skyrocket productivity, enhance efficiencies, and fully utilize the power of platform technology, enable automation, artificial insights and omnichannel insights to take productivity to new heights.

Revenue & Cost Synergy

Alignment of people, process, data and procedure optimizes control of resources to earn optimal return in your investments.

Intelligence & Reporting

Streamline and enhance the efficiency of business with vision to real-time insights and dashboards, enabling smarter ability to make smarter decisions quicker than ever.


Professional Strategy

Achieve performance goals by starting from the top down. Leadership starts with a vision, but it needs traction to reach become reality. Create a model for exponential growth with an nPWR leadership program.

Strategic Growth Planning

Turn processes into opportunities for growth, combining platform tools with insights for scalable solutions and bring the vision for your company's success to life.

Leadership Development

Empower your leadership with sustained skills to execute and confidence to lead your organization through empowered growth.

Accountable Onboarding

Ensure success with NGAGE, the onboarding program that empowers your team for success, gives visibility to leadership, and enables leaders to make actionable decisions for success in the new platform.

Ready to Engage Your Business?

We're always looking to find a partner with a new project. The more challenging the better. Let's reach your goals together.